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Regulatory Info

Regulatory Info

Company’s Registration Number: K-0042619

Sales Tax Number: S-1875168-7

National Tax Number: 1875168-7

Rated By: JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited

Entity Rating : Short Term: A-2, Long Term : A-

Management Quality Rating : BMR2

Regulators Web Links: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan


Broker Registration Number: 057

Securities Broker of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited : BRC-307

PMEX Membership Code : 294

Auditor: Naveed Zafar Ashfaq Jaffery Chartered Accountant

1st Floor, Modern Motors House,Beaumont Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Phone #: (+92 21) 35671909,35657205

FAX: (+92 21) 35210626



Legal Advisor: Ijaz Ahmed & Associates


Board of Directors 

Mr. Mohammed Sohail – Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Sohail has almost 25 years experience of Pakistan’s capital markets, research and broking Awarded ‘Best Analyst’ for two years (2003 and 2004) from the CFA Association. He was the first analyst in Pakistan to get this award. Asiamoney awarded him the title of Best Salesperson in Pakistan in its Brokers Poll in for sixth consecutive year (2011 – 2017). He is a Certified Director of Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG). Mr. Sohail was elected Director of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and Pakistan Mercantile exchange (PMEX), director of Central Depository Company of Pakistan. He was Chairman New Product & Market Development Committee of PSX.

Mr. Haroon Fattani

Mr. Haroon Fattani has been a board member for past 9 years. He carries over 27 years’ experience in Pakistan’s capital markets and holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Karachi.

Mrs. Sabahat Sohail

Mrs. Sabahat Sohail is Director of Topline Securities. She has been member of Topline board since August 07, 2014. Mrs. Sabahat holds a Master’s degree from University of Karachi.

Mr. Muhammad Amir Fattani

Mr. Muhammad Amir Fattani has a master degree from University of Karachi. He has seven years having experience in stock market industry and detailed understanding of stock market related matters.

Mr. Muhammad Imran Abdul Ghaffar

Mr. Muhammad Imran Abdul Ghaffarwas appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director on the Board in 2018.

With over 25 years of diversified industry and financial experience, he has worked in areas such as Treasury, corporate Affairs, Pakistan Capital Markets, Banking Operations, ERP’s and financialreporting. He has worked in these areas in Pakistan as well as in UAE.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has attended various Management Development courses.

He is also a Certified Director from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

Mr. Syed Uzair Ahmed

Mr. Syed Uzair Ahmed has over 12 years of experience working in the IT department of brokerage firms. He has managed, developed, designed and implemented company-wide short and long-term solutions to support and meet the continuously evolving technological requirements of an organization. At Topline Securities, he has been instrumental in establishing the IT platform. Previously, he had established similar platforms at other firms. Mr. Syed Uzair Ahmed holds certification in MCSE and ITIL® Foundation while holds a Master degree from University of PAF-KIET, Karachi.

Mr. Khalid Mehmood 

Mr. Khalid Mehmood has over 14 years of working experience in Pakistan market.He has very good knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards, Corporate Laws, Secretarial Practices, Prudential Regulations, NBFC Rules & Regulations, PSX Regulations and Taxation matters of the companies. He is also on the Board of Directors of the company and has been key player in revamping and process re engineering of the various existing functions of the company including Finance, Administration, Human Resource Management and Settlement operations to achieve highest service standards at par best industry practices.

  • He is a commerce graduate and members of the following regulatory/accounting bodies of Pakistan;
    • The Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan(IFMP)
    • The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan(ICSP)
    • The Institute of Public Finance Accountants of Pakistan(PIPFA)
  • He is alsoaffiliate with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and at the final stage of his Masters in Business Administration from SZABIST. In past he was associated with Riaz Ahmad &Company, Chartered Accountants, a member firm of Nexia International.


Mr. Mohammed Sohail, Chief Executive Officer

Pattern of Share Holding(s): For Pattern of Shareholding Click Here

Associated Companies :
1. Top Line Commodities (Pvt.) Limited

2. Topline Securities (Pvt.) Limited-Employees Provident Fund

Detail of Audit Committe

Mr. Muhammad Imran Abdul Ghaffarwas (Chairman)

Mr. Mohammed Sohail (Member)

Nomination Committee

Mr. Mohammad Sohail (Chairman)

Mr. Khalid Mehmood (Member)

Mr. Uzair Ahmed (Member)

Risk Management Committee

Mr. Mohammad Sohail (Chairman)

Mr. Khalid Mehmood (Member)

Mr. Mohammad Imran (Member)

Investor Information

Financial Statements :

NCB Auditor Detail:
Naveed Zafar Ashfaq Jaffery & CO Chartered Accountant

1st Floor, Modern Motors House, Beaumont Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Phone #: (+92 21) 35671909, 35657205

FAX: (+92 21) 35210626



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Net Capital Balance-2016

Net Capital Balance -2015

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The contact details of our person designated to handle complaint:
Mr. Khizar Salim

Mobile Number : +92 3323080975

“Compliant can be register through SMS on above given mobile number and SMS complaints acknowledged will be sent within 24 hours”


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Agent Name:Our Nominee Director Mr.Mohammed Sohail supervises the principal office as allowed under Brokers’ Office/ Branch Office Regulation of PSX

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