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Group Profile

Group Profile

The Noman Group is one of the leading business groups in Pakistan. It provides its expertise in diversified key areas listed below:

Financial Sector

The Financial Services segment of the Noman Group is ‘Noman Group Financial Services (NGFS)’. The NGFS umbrella comprises of Noman Abid Holdings Limited (NAHL) and its following subsidiaries; Noman Abid & Company Limited (Investments & Private Equity Company), Noman Abid Securities Limited – which is now renamed as Topline Limited (Equity Brokerage & Investment Banking Company).

  1. Noman Abid Holdings Limited (Investments).
  2. Noman Abid & Company Limited (Investments and Private Equity Company).
  3. Topline limited formerly Noman Abid Securities Limited (Equity Brokerage/ Investment Banking).